About NRB Modular Solutions

At NRB Modular Solutions, we want to improve the way the world builds. With more speed, quality, sustainability and predictability than ever before. And that way is modular construction.

Cranes lowing a modular unit

NRB: The new revolution in building

As the largest modular building solutions provider in Canada, we’re known for our unique, end-to-end, technology-driven approach to prefabrication that provides our clients with more certainty and value.

We are also a part of Dexterra Group, a leading support services and solutions company in Canada.

A process designed for speed and value

When it comes to the building process, modular construction has key differences from onsite construction, especially in the pre-construction stages. Here’s what you can expect from our process.

Two people pointing at engineering drawings

Design & Engineering

Right from the start, our modular building experts collaborate with your team to help guide project development during the planning and design phases. A lot of the work in the process is done up front, so it’s important to work together to get an understanding of your building’s usage and requirements, as well as your desired schedule and budget outcomes. 

Once aligned, our architects and engineers take it from there, creating your exterior and interior designs.

Signing off on a permit

Permits & Approvals

Once you approve the BIM designs from our team, they’re sent to the locality or a third-party service for approval, including the necessary building permit applications.

After everything is finalized and the permits are approved, we move on to site development and foundations, and building manufacturing.

A crane placing a modular unit on a foundation

Site Development & Foundations

A lot of work is done offsite, but there’s still work to be done onsite as well. While modules and panels are fabricated in our factories, we help prepare your site for the final build. This includes excavation, grading, site drainage and any utility installations that are required.

We’ll also put a strong foundation in place on which to assemble your final build. We do both raised and on-grade foundations, with the former used in both permanent and temporary builds, and the latter for permanent construction projects.

A modular unit being built in a factory

Building Manufacturing

This is the part of the process where modular scheduling surpasses stick-built projects. Building manufacturing will happen in conjunction with Site Development & Foundations, saving tremendous time and costs for your project.

Manufacturing involves the fabrication of all modules and panels for your build, all done with machine precision. Because there can be no mistakes at this phase, we have extremely high QA and QC standards, so final assembly is a snap (literally).

Lowering a modular unit in place on site

Install & Site Restoration

It’s time to assemble. We carefully transport your building modules to the site, and then begin assembling your structure. For larger, permanent structures, we typically use cranes to place modules on the foundation; raised foundations sometimes will not require this.

Once the modules are installed, building components are attached and fitted together. From there, we connect any utilities that are a part of your design, and install all the interior and exterior customizations you ordered.

How we save you time (and money)

Processes in the modular building schedule can be done simultaneously, which significantly cuts down time to completion. Plus, the final building process is faster and more efficient. Fewer materials are wasted in this process, too, saving on resource costs.

Project Start to Completion
Design & Engineering
Permits & Approvals
Site Developments & Foundations
Building Manufacturing
Occurs Simultaneously
Install & Site Restoration
Reduced Timeline
Time Savings
30% - 50% Faster
The front of a modular office building

The power of project collaboration

In conventional construction, information flows from the top (i.e., the owner or architect) to the bottom (construction company). A lot can get lost in communication this way.

We recommend organizing a cross-functional project team that’s structured “horizontally” rather than “vertically.” Because communication is crucial in modular construction, we want to enable all parties to ensure an effective flow of information between all team members. Better collaboration leads to more efficiency and effectiveness, and allows for more creativity in our designs and solutions.

Just the facts

Here are a handful of facts about NRB Modular Solutions.

NRB has been a recognized name in the modular building solutions industry for over 40 years

We are the largest modular building solutions provider in Canada

We have four manufacturing facilities across the country: Grimsby, ON, Cambridge, ON, Calgary, AB and Kamloops, BC

Horizon North Manufacturing, NRB Inc., Karoleena Homes and Canada Kiosk rebrand to NRB Modular Solutions in 2020

NRB Modular Solutions is a proud member of Dexterra Group

Awards & Certifications

We’ve accrued several awards and certifications over the years that demonstrate our expertise and leadership in the modular building industry in Canada.

ISO 45001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
2021 Avetta Award for Canada's Safest Employer in Services Sector
MBI 2023 Awards of Distinction
Workers in a NRB Modular facility

Working at NRB

It’s an exciting time in the construction industry. There are a lot of new opportunities being created, with emerging technology opening the doors to fresh career paths in the trades. And we’re looking for people to join our growing team who are eager to drive change in a sector that’s ready for it.

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About Dexterra Group

NRB Modular Solutions is part of Dexterra Group, a leading infrastructure support services and solutions company in Canada. 

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