BIM and Modular Construction

What is BIM? If you do a search in Google the definition comes up as; Building Information Model.  So what is a Building Information Model? Basically it’s a 3-dimensional model that has intelligence. The model is composed of smart components that hold information that relates to the construction of the building.

NRB first started exploring the potential benefits of BIM back in 2006, when we purchased our first seat of Revit Architecture. The implementation did not happen overnight. It took approximately 2 years to transition from Autocad to Revit completely. The first important benefit that was realized was the creation of accurate steel takeoffs, saving both time and money in reduced waste.

Some additional benefits of BIM are; 3-dimensional renderings for sales presentations, clash detection of HVAC to structural members, Bill of Materials for various building components, cost estimation of projects, heat loss heat gain analysis, structural analysis, and the list continues to grow with each year.

BIM is well suited for Modular Construction, because of the parametric nature of the model, and how it relates to the project as a whole. Because the project labour is moved off site, various project scenarios can be explored within BIM, saving both time and money. Potential problems can be identified early in the design process, saving time. Greater control of the final product is realized with the use of BIM.

It’s very important to establish BIM standards, because these standards get carried through to the construction phase of the project, eliminating costly errors and saving time. The biggest benefit of BIM to modular construction is that BIM saves time to the overall production schedule.

BIM continues to develop as technology grows within the construction/modular industry.  With each new year, new enhancements drive the development of BIM within the industry. 3d Point Cloud scanning , 3d printing technology, CNC material processing, and the list continues to grow.

I am glad to be part of a company that embraces technology, and that continues to be an industry leader because of it.

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