Tip Three – Getting Started with “Off-site Construction”

In this blog series, “Getting Started with Off-site Construction” we have covered  Tip #1 how to get started with a modular building project and Tip #2 commit to the concept and complete the design.  In this final post in our series we will talk about the importance of a clearly defined scope of work.

Permanent modular construction projects can span many markets such as education, mining, health care, commercial, retail and industrial.  Projects within these markets can vary from a small footprint to a large and complex footprint – single or multi-story.  Collaborative planning at the concept stage and a defined scope of work will help guarantee a project runs more smoothly, efficiently, on time and on budget.

Here is tip #3 of the 3 pre-construction tips that can help you get started with your off-site construction project.

TIP THREE Define the Scope of Work

During the pre-bid or pre-construction phase, establish, agree on and communicate the project scope of work that will be carried out by the modular contractor and that which will be carried out by “others”, (usually the general contractor) on the site.

Typically the modular contractor is responsible for the final modular design, fabrication, transportation and setting on the foundation, as well as completing the remaining installation finishes of architectural, mechanical and electrical elements within the building itself.  The general contractor may be responsible for all site work including foundations and final service connections to the building once it is in place.  These scope elements can vary by project and by site depending on the needs and resources of the owner and the contractors, but regardless of the split in work, a Scope of Work document should be created, clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders before the project begins.

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