Project updates May 30, 2023

Modular Construction as a Solution to Challenging Weather Conditions

In unique construction environments, finding suitable solutions requires unique solutions. With 2.1 million visitors annually, the demand for affordable accommodation in Jasper is sky high. When Hostelling International (HI) Canada identified a need to grow their facility in Jasper, modular construction emerged as the best method to tackle the project’s challenges due to unpredictable weather periods surrounding the region. Of the 2.1 million visitors in 2021, 296,000 arrived during the winter months. During the extended winter season, the weather undergoes a diverse range of conditions, alternating between frigid storms and the sudden arrival of a gentle chinook breeze. Within this period, January stands out as the coldest month, characterized by an average maximum temperature of -9.4 degrees Celsius. The region of Banff is not only affected by occasional severe winters, but also by drought and periodic fire have played their part in shaping the ecology of the mountain regions.

Choosing modular construction meant the ability to address the project’s two most important needs – timeline certainty and the sustainability of the surrounding environment – while ensuring a high-quality build. The result is a project that is a showpiece for time to market, complexity and sustainability.

Adhering to Timeline Certainty 

By choosing modular construction, HI Canada effectively addressed its two primary needs. Constructing the 66 required modules in our temperature-controlled, off-site manufacturing facility in Kamloops meant a faster and more certain timeline to opening. In just 10 months from the start of manufacturing, HI Canada opened the doors to its new facility, saving up to 50% compared to a conventional site-built project.

Prioritizing Sustainability of the Surrounding Environment

The project’s sustainability needs were met with minimal waste created in the manufacturing facility and a site footprint much smaller than a conventional build. Generally, the environmental impact of modular construction projects is 40% lower than those from on-site construction. By reducing on-site construction time, deliveries, and associated traffic, the construction team significantly reduced noise, dust, and disruptions commonly associated with conventional construction. 

H2: Project Details

  • Four buildings, comprising a total of 66 modules
  • A three-storey lodge spanning 25,000 square feet, accommodating 157 guests.
  • Room configurations include: 25 four-bed shared rooms, 17 private rooms, and five family rooms
  • Amenities such as a guest laundry, on-site café, kitchen, patio with BBQ, and fire pit.
  • Additionally, two staff accommodation buildings and a maintenance facility were constructed. 

The successful completion of HI Canada’s facility expansion in Jasper exemplifies the effectiveness of modular construction in addressing unique construction challenges. By prioritizing sustainability, adhering to a tight timeline, and delivering a functional and trendy design, the project achieved its goals while minimizing its impact on the environment, visitors, and residents. This remarkable endeavour serves as an inspiring example of how innovation and thoughtful construction practices can lead to exceptional results in even the most demanding environments.Experience a sustainable and stylish stay at HI Canada’s newly expanded facility in Jasper, offering a range of comfortable accommodations and modern amenities here: HI Jasper – Hostelling International

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