Industry news December 14, 2018

Modular Construction in Alberta, for Alberta

Did you know we have a Calgary-based modular manufacturing facility? From that facility, strategically located in Rocky View County and boasting 86,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we can produce a wide range of modular structures:

  • Commercial buildings, including hotels, hostels, office and retail space;
  • Affordable housing, include social, student and senior housing;
  • Residential single family and multifamily homes; and
  • Custom builds to suit your needs, including portable offices, lavatories and living space.

Located in close proximity to major north-south and east-west transportation routes, the cost savings to move modules to our customers’ locations means it is easy for Alberta customers to work with NRB Modular Solutions. The location is accessible, too; only 20 minutes away from downtown Calgary and a short drive or flight away from Edmonton and Saskatchewan, customers can view projects as they are constructed.

How do we manufacture?

We start by offering complete in-house design, engineering, and project management services that can address our clients’ wide scope of needs. In the design stage, we can work to meet any applicable national, provincial or municipal building codes that are necessary for your project to move forward.

Then, we get to work constructing the required modules for the project in one of our off-site, temperature-controlled facilities. With the manufacturing process taking place at the same time as foundational work on the final site and potential slow-downs from weather eliminated, the project’s timeline from concept to completion is greatly reduced.

Once the modules are complete, our team transports them to site and cranes them on to the foundation, which is generally similar to the foundations seen in traditional builds. With the modules successfully craned, the site works team uses the final weeks before the building opens to complete the seamless integration of all modules and finalize any additional preparatory work required.

Why build modular over a standard stick build?

Your car isn’t manufactured the same way it was 100 years ago; why should your building be? The benefits of manufacturing a project off-site are extensive, including significant reductions in time from concept to completion, while also improving the efficiency, quality and sustainability of your building.

An inherently greener and safer approach, modular construction generates less waste material and creates less site disturbance while producing a structure that is generally stronger than those of traditional construction methods. Through each step of the process, our construction is subjected to strict internal quality control and assurance procedures, with the goal of having every structure exceed industry standards.

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