Project updates May 30, 2023

NRB Recognized for Modular Excellence at MBI’s 40th Anniversary

For an impressive 40 years, the Modular Building Institute (MBI) has been the go-to platform for experts in the commercial modular building industry to connect, share ideas, learn from industry leaders, address important topics, showcase innovative products, and receive well-deserved accolades and recognition. 

To cap off the World of Modular Annual Convention and Tradeshow, industry leaders gathered at the awards ceremony on April 1, 2023 to celebrate and commemorate excellence in off-site construction, innovation, and community development.

MBI’s annual Awards of Distinction, presented during the last event at the World of Modular conference and trade show, celebrates excellence in the modular construction industry. These prestigious awards cover various categories, including permanent modular construction, relocatable buildings, innovation, sustainability, and marketing. 

During MBI’s 40th anniversary celebration, NRB was proud to receive recognition for our exceptional achievements in modular construction, technical innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. We were honored with multiple Awards of Distinction in various categories:

  • First Place Relocatable Modular Multifamily & Hotel – Oshawa Micro Homes, Oshawa, ON
  • First Place Permanent Modular Office – Secwépemc Child & Family Services Agency, Kamloops, B.C
  • First Place and Best of Show Green Building – My Home Place, Dawson Creek, B.C
  • Honorable Mention, Permanent Modular Education – Khalsa School, Calgary, AB

2023 MBI Award Winners

Oshawa Micro Home, Oshawa, Ontario – First Place Relocatable Modular Multifamily & Hotel

The existence of a surplus of land with no immediate development plans within the next 5 to 10 years led NRB to consider it as a viable solution for housing individuals currently experiencing homelessness. Two pods of 5-unit transitional housing suites were developed by the team. These suites were furnished with their own kitchen, washroom, and sleeping space, all within an approximate area of 270 square feet. Ensuring cost-effectiveness remained at the forefront of our design approach. By selecting a temporary block and pad foundation, we achieved both the project’s temporary nature and cost-saving objectives. The building’s adaptability extends to the foundation itself, enabling us to repurpose the entire structure while effectively managing expenses. Considering the residents’ transition from the streets, we focused on providing all necessary functionalities within a compact unit, ultimately creating a comfortable living environment.

The Oshawa Micro Home project was the winner of the 2023 First Place Relocatable Modular Multifamily and Hotel award from the MBI’s Awards of Distinction. It stands as a testament to our client’s commitment to providing swift and effective housing solutions for those in need.

The Oshawa Micro Home project
A kitchen in the Oshawa Micro Home project

Secwépemc Child & Family Services, Kamloops, British Columbia – First Place Permanent Modular Office 

The Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency (SCFSA) chose to partner with NRB Modular Solutions as their modular design builder to achieve their dream of bringing four separate offices together under one roof and continue to help the seven First Nations communities they serve. This modern, two-storey office building is comprised of 42 modules and was built in two-phases. The U-Shaped wood frame modular SCFS office building was envisioned to be a space of gathering. It includes 77 offices, 9 large meeting rooms, a staff room, a family resource center, a commercial kitchen, and a courtyard. Providing modular construction for the building helped to reduce the amount of construction waste. Also, it provided better quality control for the manufacturing of the modules.

Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency (SCFSA)
A gathering space in the Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency

My Home Place, Dawson Creek, British Columbia -First Place Green Building & Best of Show

My Home Place is a supportive housing project in Dawson Creek, a small community in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada. The project is a 3–storey, permanent modular building with 32 self-contained studio homes, including 2 accessible units. It houses people experiencing homelessness and provides support programs to community members in need.

The modular-constructed building employs many high–performance building strategies to achieve Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code, exceptionally low greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and annual heating load. Performance features include Passive House–level tested airtightness, R36 walls, triple–glazed windows, and ventilation heat recovery with over 95% efficiency. The passive-first design strategy minimizes heating loads, facilitating the use of all-electric equipment. The result is a near–zero emissions building.

My Home Place in Dawson Creek, BC
A dining area in My Home Place

Khalsa School, Calgary, Alberta – Honorable Mention Permanent Modular Education

In response to an increasing enrollment at the Khalsa School in Calgary, the school needed to quickly expand its facility over the summer holidays to accommodate more students. Prefabricated modular construction provided a cost-effective and expedited solution for the Khalsa School. NRB Modular Solutions created a comprehensive master plan to help locate and organize the modular additions within the existing environment of the school and carefully designed interior spaces for easy integration. The modular additions were designed in a way that reflects Sikh culture and allowed the children in the community to learn and thrive. 

Construction was mostly completed in a controlled manufacturing facility, so project risk was reduced, along with the impacts of weather conditions and limited trade availability. This method created significant advantages in scheduling compared to traditional construction. The project included several thermal performance upgrades to respond to the cold climate including the addition of high-efficiency HVAC systems for heating and warmth retention. The project has a strong focus on energy efficiency, which provides long-term value and cost-effectiveness for the owner, including features such as LED fixtures and energy-certified windows and doors. 

Khalsa School in Calgary
Cabinets in Khalsa School

The Future of Construction is Modular 

We are incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishments and the recognition we have received in the modular construction industry. These awards highlight our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in providing exceptional modular solutions. As we celebrate 40 years alongside the Modular Building Institute, we firmly believe that modular is the future of the construction industry. Its versatility, efficiency, and ability to address diverse community needs make it an ideal choice in the future of construction. We look forward to continuing our journey of delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable modular projects that positively impact communities across the country.

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