Seniors' housing October 21, 2019

Addressing the Growing Demand for Senior Housing in Canada

With each passing year, Canada’s demographics are undergoing a significant transformation as Canadians continue to age. As of 2022, almost 18.8% of the Canadian population, or roughly one in five Canadians, were 65 years of age or older. This figure is predicted to increase to approximately 24% of the population by 2042, with an estimated 10.93 million individuals falling into this age bracket.

As Canada experiences a growing population of seniors, local communities and governments face a range of opportunities and challenges. Among the key considerations stemming from this shift is the critical issue of senior housing. It is expected that, by 2026, Canadians will require 131,000 housing units for seniors, and this figure is expected to nearly double in the next 20 years. This growth pattern places immense pressure on local governments and the private sector, demanding decisive action to establish secure and affordable living spaces for the senior population.

However, with housing prices and the cost of living on the rise, it is getting increasingly difficult to find suitable housing solutions. Seniors frequently encounter more challenges compared to young individuals when it comes to housing, with issues of affordability and adequacy impacting nearly 40% of those living alone. A significant number of seniors are retired, and due to physical limitations, they may no longer be able to work. Consequently, they often can only depend on a fixed income from pensions and savings.

Modular senior housing complex

Modular construction: A Rapid Response Solution

In circumstances like these, where the demand for housing is substantial and the implications are far-reaching, innovative solutions become essential. Modular construction, which is already being used in Canada to address the ongoing need for affordable housing, offers a practical and proven solution.

The process involves manufacturing sections of a building off-site in a controlled facility. Those modules are then transported to their final site, craned, and set on top of the foundation, and joined together to make one integrated building. By using the same materials as conventional construction and designs to the same codes and standards, modular structures are indistinguishable from those built by traditional methods.

The rapid response nature of modular houses is what makes it a great solution for the senior housing crisis. Rather than waiting over a year for a traditionally built facility to be completed, modular retirement homes can be constructed, installed, and opened to residents in up to 50% less time, with no compromise on quality.

Besides the significant reduction in timeframe, modular-built structures have other advantages over their site-built counterparts:

  • Superior quality: Our modular projects are subject to extensive internal quality control processes, which are then confirmed by on-site third-party inspectors.
  • Cost certainty: Costs remain on track as time delays due to weather, minimal trade availability, accident damage or theft are virtually eliminated.
  • Sustainability: The modular construction process cuts down on waste and improves efficiency. On the final site, the construction footprint is reduced with less noise, dust and vehicle traffic occurring.
Modular senior housing units

Creating Integrated Senior Housing Solutions with NRB Modular Construction

To address the unique living requirements, health needs, and income levels of individuals over 65, senior housing demands for a long-lasting solution. It would be beneficial for innovative solutions to support aging and incorporate the support available from retirement homes or assisted living spaces. These solutions also need to integrate into surrounding communities and create a lasting home for the residents. Modular construction with NRB modular solutions delivers these requirements with the added benefits of reduced timelines, high quality, and certainty of cost and schedule.

NRB is an industry leader in modular construction. We continue to improve our processes to ensure a quality product and exceptional service without unnecessary costs and hassles. We are committed to providing solutions to the most pressing concerns impacting communities across Canada.

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