Sustainability February 15, 2024

Sustainability in Modular Construction: NRB’s Award-Winning Modular Project 

The landscape of sustainability in modular construction is rapidly evolving, and innovative projects are leading the way towards a greener future. The My Home Place supportive housing project in Dawson Creek, British Columbia has not only caught the eye of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), but has also set new standards in green building modular technology. This blog will dive into the details of this exceptional NRB project, which showcases the incredible potential of sustainable modular construction. 

About My Home Place 

Dawson Creek, nestled in the northeastern part of British Columbia, is home to the My Home Place supportive housing project. Operated by the South Peace Community Resources Society through an agreement with BC Housing, this project stands as a testament to compassion, innovation, and sustainability. The My Home Place project comprises a three-storey permanent modular building housing 32 self-contained studio homes, including two units designed for accessibility. It is a home for those experiencing homelessness and a beacon of hope for the community’s members in need. 

Achieving Step 3 BC Energy Code 

One of the remarkable achievements of the My Home Place project is its compliance with the BC Energy Step Code. This code offers an optional compliance path in the BC Building Code, encouraging higher levels of energy efficiency in new construction developments across British Columbia. Notably, My Home Place exceeded the stringent criteria of the BC Energy Step Code. 

To achieve this exceptional level of energy performance, the design team applied passive design principles to minimize heating loads in the harsh northern Canadian climate. The goal was to enhance the building’s overall performance through sustainable construction materials and improved energy efficiency. 

The My Home Place project boasts several high-performance building strategies, aligning it with Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code. These include: 

  1. Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The project achieved exceptionally low greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and annual heating load. This achievement not only reduces its environmental footprint but also significantly lowers operational costs. 
  1. Passive-First Design Strategy: My Home Place adopts a passive-first design strategy that minimizes heating loads, making it possible to use all-electric equipment. This results in a near-zero emissions building, contributing to a sustainable future. 
  1. Efficient Ventilation: The reverse-flow type ventilation heat recovery system ensures continuous ventilation and air quality even on the coldest days, without the need for a defrost cycle. This innovative approach ensures that residents breathe clean, fresh air year-round. 

As a recipient of the Best of Show Green Building Award from MBI, this project stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when sustainability and innovation converge in the world of modular construction. By exceeding energy efficiency standards, employing sustainable design principles, and prioritizing the well-being of its residents, My Home Place is not just a housing project; it’s a symbol of hope and a blueprint for a greener, more sustainable future in the construction industry. 

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