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NRB – The Manufacturer of Choice for Modular Projects in the United States

NRB Modular Solutions is proud to offer modular manufacturing supply services to customers in the Western, Central, and Northeastern United States.

As Canada’s largest modular construction company, NRB has the capacity, capabilities, and expertise to be your trusted modular partner for your next project. Our extensive experience with large-scale, complex multi-unit modular construction projects, including multi-family, affordable housing, seniors, and workforce housing, makes us a reliable partner in delivering high-quality buildings with cost and timeline certainty.

Why Choose a Canadian Manufacturer?

Because of the high demand for builds in the US housing and hospitality markets, the need for speed to reduce the time to occupancy is why modular construction has become such a popular mode of construction for owners and developers. By manufacturing modules in Canada, you can get more value for your money with lower material and labor costs due to the USD/CAD exchange rate. With the signing of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement for trade, you can do business across the border and be confident that you’re taking advantage of the most competitive environment. Working under the USMCA in a free-trade environment, modules constructed by NRB are transported across the border free from tariffs and red tape.

The NRB Modular Solutions Advantage

NRB has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and yard storage spaces across Canada positioning us to effectively serve Western and Central US projects from our facilities in British Columbia and Alberta, and projects in the Northeastern US from our facilities in Ontario.

Our factories are set-up with our third-party inspection agency for factory certification for all 50 states in the US to ensure your modular project meets or exceeds quality, safety, and performance requirements and is code compliant.

Our suite of expert services includes modular constructability and design-assist support, meaning we work with your design team and general contractor to cover all important considerations, including design strategies, transportation logistics, and issues related to shared scope and coordination.

Our unique end-to-end, technology-driven approach to modular construction offers value, speed, and predictability. It resolves the inefficiencies of the conventional construction market, including delays and cost overruns, and reduces construction timelines by up to 50 percent, meaning that you can start generating a return on your investment more quickly.

NRB projects in the US:

Sister of Christian Charity, Mendham, New Jersey

This retirement residence was originally built in 1931 and had become outdated, too costly to operate or renovate, and non-compliant with current building codes and ADA standards. NRB was tasked with the manufacturing and delivering of 178 modules that makeup 85,000 sq ft of the three-story 165,000 square-foot facility. The customized facility was built “in-place” at the plant as a two-story structure to ensure a precision fit and finish of all features and systems, resulting in a shorter site installation time and reduced on-site activity and disruption to the community.

Once completed, the building was deconstructed and loaded to transporters. This process allowed the building to arrive with most of the exterior siding installed and a high level of completion on the interior, significantly reducing site completion timeThe building was designed with minimal interior columns to allow for maximum flexibility in use.

The West Loch Residential Project, Honolulu

Impressed by the BC housing project, the city of Honolulu contracted NRB in November 2020 to manufacture rapid, high-quality modular units and deliver them for their new affordable rental housing project, ‘The West Loch’ on the Hawaiian Island.

The 39 modular units that made up the three-story, 28,552 square-foot structure were successfully transported overland and across the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu, overcoming all kinds of challenges pertaining to transportation, harsh local conditions on the Island, and the time zone difference.

The rental housing project comprised 58 studio units, while the building’s ground floor also housed a commercial kitchen, dining room, laundry facility, secured entry, and an office for the property manager.

The West Loch project marked the first international project completed from the Kamloops, BC manufacturing facility.

Make NRB Modular Solutions your trusted modular partner today. Contact our US Sales Director, Rhys Kane at [email protected] or 587-323-5183

About NRB Modular Solutions

NRB has been a recognized name in the modular building solutions industry for over 40 years. We operate four manufacturing facilities across the country with a total production capacity of 327,570 square-feet.

NRB is part of Dexterra Group, a leading support services and solutions company publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (T: DXT) with over 6,000 employees. Backed by this financially stable and growing company, NRB has a large bonding capacity and can take on large-scale projects.

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