How We Work

Two coworkers reviewing building plans

Modular construction has critical differences from site-built construction in its building process – particularly in the pre-construction stages. Getting the most from your modular project requires different thinking and coordination.

Our modular building experts help guide the project development during the planning and design phases. This will help you meet best practices for building offsite with modular and achieve your desired schedule and budget outcomes.

An integrated design approach is key early on to ensure all the disciplines converge to take care of coordination between the unique structural requirements of modular and other areas such as mechanical and electrical. The size and configuration of modules are important as they must fit site access requirements and transportation regulations. Module sizes and layouts also determine the foundation size and layout.

From the architectural, design and engineering stage through to manufacturing, transportation and logistics, to the final installation and commissioning our team of project managers are here to build collaboratively with you.

Modular building schedule

The Power of Collaboration

We recommend organizing a cross-functional project team “horizontally” rather than “vertically”. In conventional construction information tends to flow from the top (owner/architect) to the bottom (construction company) and a lot can get lost in translation. We focus on enabling all parties to communicate with each other to ensure the effective flow of information between all members of the team. This leads to project efficiency, effectiveness and creative solutions to any challenges that come our way.

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Ready to Take the next Step?

Our team of dedicated modular professionals is on a mission to demonstrate there is a better way to build, and there is no better time than now to start the conversation.