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Modular construction is a change in process, but you’ll be amazed at how efficient and effective it is. Planning in the early stages is key. Below are some useful tips to ensure your project gets off to a great start.


Identify where the process differs from conventional construction.

If modular construction is unfamiliar territory, we’re here to walk you through some of the key differences.  Structural design, scheduling, sequencing, roles and responsibilities can all differ when building with modular, but it does not impact how the ultimate vision is achieved.


Team Alignment.

Ensuring your stakeholders, including owners, architects, designers, construction managers and contractors understand the modular approach is key to the success of your modular project; achieving alignment will lead to a much more effective roll out.


Integrated Design Approach.

This is where all the disciplines converge to take care of coordination between the unique structural requirements of modular and other areas such as mechanical and electrical. The size and configuration of modules are important as they must fit site access requirements and transportation regulations. Module sizes and layouts also determine the foundation size and layout.

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