Portable modular classrooms

Enhance the learning experience with portable modular classrooms and additions customized for your school or program requirements. Designed to be easily moved from one space to another, prefabricated portable classrooms allow you to respond quickly to changes in enrollment or program offerings.

A modular classroom

A smarter way to build

Portable classrooms are a popular choice for schools and institutions that need affordable and flexible classroom space. Designed using our technology-driven modular building process, they’re quick to install, and can be customized for specialized equipment, soundproofing, ample daylighting and more.

Plus, we’re one of the few modular construction solutions providers in the country that manufacture and deliver 24-wide modular classrooms, saving customers significant building and transportation costs.

Portable classrooms

Prefabricated, steel framed, non-combustible and fire rated, our relocatable classrooms are a versatile option that can fit any school program or activity. These modular classrooms arrive on site and ready for education; white boards already hanging on the walls and all the millwork finished, ready for textbooks.

Single modular classroom

Single classrooms

The most common type of modular classrooms, which can be designed to accommodate a full class of 30 students. We’re one of the few modular building companies that offer 24-wide modular classrooms, too, meaning substantial building and transportation cost savings.



These modular classrooms consist of two or more individual classrooms that are joined together.

Special education classrooms

Special education classrooms

Designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities, including features like wheelchair accessibility, sensory integration and specialized equipment.

Art classrooms

Art classrooms

Made to inspire creativity, these classrooms come with features like natural lighting, adjustable lighting and storage space for art supplies.

Music classrooms

Music classrooms

These prefabricated classrooms are designed for music education, and can come equipped with features like soundproofing, specialized flooring and storage space for instruments.

modular science labs

Modular science labs

Self-contained science labs that can be transported to different locations, making them ideal for use in outdoor education or for schools without dedicated science labs.

School additions

Modular construction can be used for school additions, entire schools or a unique hybrid approach that blends the best of both off-site and on-site processes. These additions are a cost-effective and fast way to accommodate increasing enrollment numbers, or simply provide more usable space to your existing facility.

These prefabricated, portable additions can be easily added to a campus as a flexible solution for schools that need to expand their facilities quickly or temporarily.

modular classroom additions

Classroom additions

These modular additions can be added to your institution to provide additional classroom space.

modular cafeteria additions

Cafeteria additions

Create additional cafeteria space, allowing for more students to be comfortably served during mealtimes.

Modular library additions

Library additions

Provide students with more space and resources for research and studying.

administrative office additions

Administrative office additions

A popular building addition that allows for more accommodation for staff members.

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