OverviewOur client had a surplus of land that was not going to be developed within the next 5 10  years. Hence, they wanted a solution to quickly house people currently experiencing homelessness. We developed two pods of 5unit transitional housing suites.

This building was designed to be relocatable. The intent of this build is to relocate these units to another temporary or permanent site. This will allow the building to be repurposed in the future, while making use of the land.  It was decided to use a temporary block and pad foundation due to the temporary nature of the build, but also to conserve on costs. We can repurpose the entire building including the foundation. We have been able to provide all the necessary functions while still creating a comfortable environment in a compact unit.

This project was the winner of the 2023 “First Place – Relocatable Modular Multifamily & Hotel” award from the Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction. [vc_column width=”1/12″][vc_column width=”5/12″]Details[us_vwrapper el_class=”project-details”][us_hwrapper]Use of Building: Supportive Housing Units[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Building Size:3,200 Sq.ft[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Project Timeline:7 months[/us_hwrapper][us_image image=”8938″ size=”medium”][/us_vwrapper][vc_row][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BDjDFjRfVg”][us_separator size=”small”][us_image image=”8943″][us_image image=”8942″]

OverviewThe Charters Road Project is a 4-storey multi-family housing project located at 2170 Charters Road, in British Columbia. The project delivers 75 units of multi family housing with a mix of apartment style suites including studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom family-style units.

NRB was responsible for the final design, engineering, manufacturing, transportation (including barge transport across the Strait of Georgia), foundations, civil, site installation and commissioning for this project.[vc_column width=”1/12″][vc_column width=”5/12″]Details[us_vwrapper el_class=”project-details”][us_hwrapper]Building Type:Volumetric Modules[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Building Size:64,420 sq.ft.[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Project Timeline:18 months[/us_hwrapper][/us_vwrapper][us_separator size=”huge”][vc_row height=”small”][us_image image=”8929″][us_image image=”8930″][vc_row height=”auto”][us_image image=”8928″][us_image image=”8925″][vc_row]

OverviewThompson Rivers University partnered with NRB Modular Solutions to build a permanent modular, four-storey, 80-room, 148-student bed building. The new permanent modular student housing will be built on the vacant portion of Thompson Rivers University’s East Village.  

The project is part of Homes for BC, a 10-year housing plan to build 114,000 units throughout the province by 2028, including 8,000 on-campus student beds.  

The modules are built locally at our NRB Kamloops manufacturing facility.  

Read more here: TRU News[vc_column width=”1/12″][vc_column width=”5/12″]Details[us_vwrapper el_class=”project-details”][us_hwrapper]Client:Thompson River University[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Building Size:Four-storey, 80-room, 148-student bed building[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Project Timeline:Estimated 10 months[/us_hwrapper][us_hwrapper]Energy Efficiency:BC Step Code 3[/us_hwrapper][/us_vwrapper][us_separator size=”huge”][vc_row height=”small” css=”%7B%22default%22%3A%7B%22padding-top%22%3A%220%22%7D%7D”]

 Post-secondary students need access to affordable housing to pursue their studies and lay the foundation for their future, helping to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

– Anne Kang, B.C. Minister of Municipal Affairs[us_image image=”8902″][vc_row height=”small”][us_image image=”8904″][vc_row height=”small”][us_image image=”8901″][us_image image=”8897″][vc_row height=”auto”][us_separator size=”huge”]

This mixed-use structure which includes a Gas Station, a convenience store and 3 apartments is a showcase for other communities in the area, with Halfway River First Nation being its own biggest customer. Previously, the nearest similar building arrangement with convenience store and gas station was 35 to 40 minutes away.Upon being selected as the successful construction partner in April 2019, NRB’s challenge was to complete a turn-key project using our modular construction capabilities. The project’s scope included design, manufacturing, transportation, setting and installation of the building with an aim to have the project completed by August 2019.

This project was completed on budget and schedule, and included the following:

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The Secwépemc Child and Family Services Agency (SCFSA) chose to partner with NRB Modular Solutions as their modular design builder to achieve their dream of bringing four separate offices together under one roof and continue to help the seven First Nations communities they serve. SCFSA were committed to growing their infrastructure and program offerings, so they worked closed with Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to partner on this capital project that would provide the necessary space to deliver their community services.

This project was the winner of the 2023 “First Place – Permanent Modular Office” award from the Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction. 

[us_image image=”8876″ size=”us_900_400_crop” align=”center”] This modern, two-storey office building is comprised of 42 modules and was built in two-phases. The U-Shaped wood frame modular SCFS office building was envisioned to be a space of gathering. The design falls under Part 3 of the BC Building code and was a Step Code 3 under the standard build guideline, while also meeting the accessibility requirements.“When I started here in September 2019, this building was a drawing on a paper… and today we get to stand here living the dream. Thank you to NRB Modular Solutions for bringing our dreams to life!”

Quote from Yvonne Hare, Executive Director of Secwépemc Child and Family Services (SCFS)[us_image image=”8938″ size=”medium”] At a GlanceThe delivery of 42 modulars was easy as they were constructed at the factory 2 blocks from the site, reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The location of the building was placed so that it did not interfere with the archaeological sensitive zones of the property according to the First Nations, Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc (TteS) Heritage Conservation bylaw. Collaboration with local contractors was a benefit for this project since they were close to or in Kamloops. Providing modular construction for the building helped to reduce the amount of construction waste. As well, it provided better quality control to the manufacturing of the modules.[us_image image=”8938″ size=”medium”]

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The Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Indian Band (TteS) in Kamloops, British Columbia received 10 suites of affordable housing, built on its lands at Tyee Park. This project was funded as part of the Canada Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) to create new, affordable housing for elders in the local community. The manufacturing was completed at NRB’s largest manufacturing plant in Kamloops which is also located on Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc land base; with both the land and building under long‐term lease. Our successful collaboration with TteS to develop the design resulted in culturally sensitive housing units providing TteS with certainty of cost, schedule, and quality.Under the criteria guidelines in place from the RHI program, NRB was awarded the contract to build two 1-storey four-plexes and one 1-storey duplex in May of 2021 with a planned completion of December 2021. Due to wildfires in the area escalating surrounding priorities for BC Hydro, a pole removal caused the installations to see a delay in building completion until early April 2022. At a GlanceThe supply and Installation of Seniors Housing included the following:

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The City and County of Honolulu were experiencing a shortage of affordable rental housing. Understanding the success of other jurisdictions in North America with the application of modular building solutions to create rapid, high-quality housing, the City and County along with their general contractor sought a modular partner who could manufacture and deliver the required units for a new rental housing project on the Hawaiian island.Given the island location for the project, NRB had to address a number of challenges in the manufacturing and delivery of the 39 required modular units that would make up the 58-suite finished structure.

Collaboration on design occurred with the international consultant team engaged on the project and NRB assisted with the development of a modular permit process with the State of Hawaii in order to move the project forward. The material used for the project – treated lumber and stainless fasteners – were atypical materials for NRB’s usual work completed from our Kamloops manufacturing facility in western Canada. And, finally, the project team needed to determine the best way to handle overseas and international transport of the modular units to Honolulu. At a GlanceThe three-storey, 28,552-square-foot structure was delivered on time and on budget for the general contractor managing the build. The 40 modular units were successfully transported overland and across the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu with no significant issues and the units were craned at the project site by the general contractor upon delivery.

The rental housing contains 58 studio units, while the building’s ground floor also houses a commercial kitchen, dining room, laundry facility, secured entry and an office for the property manager. The West Loch project marked the first international project completed from the Kamloops, BC manufacturing facility. The City of Honolulu says it is committed to keeping all 58 units affordable for individuals and couples, which means the continuation of much-needed homes for those in need.

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Montana is experiencing a growing population and is seeing a boom in the need for affordable worker housing, the modular solution for the project provides certainty for a multi-phase development, and provides ongoing improvements, efficiencies and economies of scale. This also provides the factory with a consistent pipeline of work with standardized building layouts and repetitive work.The differentiating factor that the NRB Modular Solutions team offered was the ability to produce larger modules, sized at 19 SF x 70 SF. These are some of the largest modules ever produced by our Calgary Manufacturing Plant.

Our ability to offer it as one module provided our client with significant efficiencies and cost savings for their transport and site works. Oversized modules like these provides unique handling issues on the factory floor and additional transportation considerations using a specialist carrier. The team is minimizing drywall cracking in the modules during transport by moving them as little as possible and by building them to be more rigid than usual. At a GlanceThe Lone Mountain Land rental-housing project represents a great showcase for NRB to diversify into market-rate housing along with a flagship project in the United States.

The project consists of two different duplex housing types with varying facades, roof lines and finish options. The modular configuration consists of saw-box style modules to achieve a completed module per floor of the home to minimise the amount of work required on-site. The modules are completed to a market-rate specification with high-quality fully finished interiors, including appliances installed at the factory.

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