Greenhouse Office Spaces, Jordon Station, ON

When a large greenhouse operation needed offices for supervisors and shipping/receiving installed in the warehouse, NRB provided single- and two-storey panelized solutions to allow them to maximize work area but minimize the footprint.

Project Size
240 sq ft (1 storey
672 sq ft (2 storey)
8 weeks
Building Type
In-Plant Office
Jordon Station, ON

A large greenhouse operation required office spaces within their plant for shipping and receiving and for supervisors to oversee day to day operations.

At a Glance

  • Built using non-combustible NCP-1000 steel
  • Single storey office has one door on each end to allow easy access. Fixed and sliding windows are strategically placed to have a good view of the facility.
  • Single storey office was installed directly on the existing concrete floor and has fully-insulated walls and roof/ceiling assemblies.
  • Two storey office contains full length windows on the front wall of both levels to allow a full view of the warehouse. Sliding windows on the lower level allow warehouse personnel to converse and pass paperwork.
  • Two storey office has one steel stair assembly with handrail and a landing to access the second floor

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