Hyatt Place, Prince George, BC

Using our innovative modular construction methods, we were able to deliver a high-quality hotel project with accessibility and sustainability considerations playing an important role in design.

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Prince George, BC

Hoteliers and hotel brands are always looking for ways to generate additional and quicker returns on investment. At the same time, certainty of schedule and budget, high-quality builds and considerations for accessibility and sustainability are important factors in a development decision.

The opportunity existed to bring a new hotel to Prince George, BC to meet demand from business and leisure travellers alike. The client chose the Hyatt Place brand for this particular project, meaning an emphasis on answering guests’ needs in creative and dynamic ways, from lobby to guest rooms to dining experience.

Using modern façade materials, the building is designed with contrasting finishes and incorporates natural brick, composite, metal and traditional siding materials. Level 1 of the building is a hybrid model of traditional site build and modular construction methodologies. Levels 2 to 5 made use entirely of modular construction methods, with the guestrooms finished in the manufacturing plant, delivered as completed units and erected within 12 days.

The hotel includes accessible rooms featuring barrier-free access and an automated wheelchair lift incorporated into the swimming pool design. Energy efficient LED fixtures and lighting and occupancy sensors are included throughout the hotel to contribute to a smaller environmental footprint.

At a glance

The five-storey hotel has 104 total guestrooms of various types including king, queen, twin queen and accessible queen suites. 8 rooms are fitted with kitchenettes to serve long-stay guests.

Public area amenities include a grab-and-go outlet and lobby bar, two spacious lounge areas with fireplace and a dining area with covered patio access and self-serve guest kitchen.

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