Lone Mountain Land, Modular Housing Gallatin Gateway, Montana, USA

Design, manufacture, transport and assemble 40 units of modular affordable housing that meet sustainability and accessibility criteria while delivering project certainty and an accelerated timeline of 8 months.

Market Housing
Project Size
Multi Duplex Housing Units
On-going Multi-Phase Development
Building Type
Volumetric modules
Gallatin Gateway, Montana, USA

Montana is experiencing a growing population and is seeing a boom in the need for affordable worker housing, the modular solution for the project provides certainty for a multi-phase development, and provides ongoing improvements, efficiencies and economies of scale. This also provides the factory with a consistent pipeline of work with standardized building layouts and repetitive work. The differentiating factor that the NRB Modular Solutions team offered was the ability to produce larger modules, sized at 19 SF x 70 SF. These are some of the largest modules ever produced by our Calgary Manufacturing Plant.

Our ability to offer it as one module providing our client with significant efficiencies and cost savings for their transport and site works. Oversized modules like these provides unique handling issues on the factory floor and additional transportation considerations using a specialist carrier. The team is minimizing drywall cracking in the modules during transport by moving them as little as possible and by building them to be more rigid than usual. The Lone Mountain Land rental-housing project represents a great showcase for NRB to diversify into market-rate housing along with a flagship project in the United States.

The project consists of two different duplex housing types with varying facades, roof lines and finish options. The modular configuration consists of saw-box style modules to achieve a completed module per floor of the home to minimize the amount of work required on-site. The modules are completed to a market-rate specification with high-quality fully finished interiors, including appliances installed at the factory.

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