Rapid Housing Initiative – Fast Track your Funding Application and Project Delivery

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Fast Track Your RHI Project Delivery

The Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) from the Government of Canada and CMHC provides funding to expedite the delivery of affordable housing units to vulnerable people and populations targeted under the National Housing Strategy (NHS), especially those affected by COVID-19. The initiative targets rapid housing and delivery of units within 18 months (or within 24 months for those in the North, or in remote or special access communities).

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If you are a funding recipient or applying for round 3 of the RHI funding, and whether you represent a municipality, Indigenous organization, private developer or not-for-profit housing association, NRB can help you fast-track your project delivery while meeting the mandatory compliance standards.

Deliver your project with confidence and certainty.

8 Ways NRB Can Fast Track Your RHI Application

The RHI will give priority to modular construction projects that can exceed the energy efficiency standards as set out in the 2015 National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) or local/regional standard (whichever is higher.)

NRB is the only turnkey modular solution provider that has the demonstrated proof of our ability to exceed the energy efficiency standards as set out in the 2015 NECB.

  • NRB has extensive experience designing and constructing buildings that exceed NECB or local/regional standards, including BC Energy Step Code, Passive, LEED, Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 and Tier 4 and other building energy standards.
  • We work with experienced energy modellers during the design phase to ensure that projects will meet and/or exceed the prescribed energy efficiency standards.


  • In British Columbia, we have completed 20 projects that have met BC Energy Step Code (Step 3 and 4).
  • NRB recently completed a project that was required to meet a minimum of 15% energy savings; the project achieved 30.5% savings.

Modular construction projects that can exceed the local accessibility requirements in their jurisdiction will be given greater priority.

  • NRB designs and constructs all projects to meet or exceed local accessibility requirements and the owner’s programming requirements.
  • NRB is partnered with the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) to improve building and site accessibility of our projects. We can provide features in our buildings that meet RHF Accessibility Certification or RHF Certified Gold; examples are exterior pathways, low-slope ramps, power-assisted doors and accessible washrooms, among others.


  • In March 2020, NRB completed our first RHF certified building – The Ryder in Hope, BC achieved a score of 74% and was granted certification under the program.
  • Additionally, NRB is experienced in including features in standard units that assist individuals with mobility challenges and facilitate aging in place. These features include grab bars in washrooms, walk-in bathtubs, wider doorways, and additional lighting in common areas, as well as colour-coded floor markings for those with sight loss.

Projects that receive funding are expected to provide occupancy within 18 months (or 24 months) of the contract

NRB is the largest modular manufacturer in Canada with 4 strategically placed off-site manufacturing facilities across Canada. Factors such as inclement weather and logistics and transportation delays do not affect our performance. Our tightly controlled project timeline ensures rapid delivery. This approach is ideal for more remote locations and Indigenous communities where trades can be difficult to secure.

All projects must meet the applicable environmental laws.

NRB’s experience in modular construction allows us to help our clients from the most conceptual stages of their projects. We analyze and follow the applicable environmental requirements, customizing our design and construction accordingly.

By engaging with us early, NRB can help you prepare the key documents you need for your RHI bid. We can develop conceptual project schedules and other key information and outline payment timelines to support your funding request.

NRB can provide weekly status reports and a full report at the end of the construction period.

NRB’s modular construction process ensures project cost doesn’t escalate. Our process minimizes budget leaks, meaning you have the certainty you require to ensure your housing remains affordable.

Your RHI funding application will be well received when backed by NRB’s capacity and expertise to deliver. Coming to the table with NRB and design work underway will strengthen your application.

  • NRB Modular Solutions has constructed dozens of high-quality affordable housing solutions in British Columbia and Ontario since 2017. Our solutions span the affordable housing continuum including supportive housing, affordable market rentals, senior housing and indigenous housing.
  • We are well-equipped with a suite of standard unit and building designs that can achieve the necessary rapid construction timelines, construct to all building codes and meet NECB or local/regional energy efficiency and accessibility standards.
  • Our wood and non-combustible steel construction capabilities are most effective for projects of 20 or more units that are three to five storeys in height.

6 Reasons Why NRB is Your Best Modular Business Partner

  1. Turnkey design-builder of modular solutions along the affordable housing continuum, as well as market housing and commercial/institutional/industrial structures
  2. Self-performing capabilities, including design and engineering, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, installation, and commissioning
  3. Multiple offices and manufacturing facilities across Canada (Kamloops, BC; Calgary, AB; Grimsby and Cambridge, ON)
  4. 40+ years of modular construction experience, from NRB’s beginnings in 1979
  5. 40 Design-Build projects in past 18 months with a combined project value of $150MM
  6. Memberships in a multitude of industry groups and associations:
    • Member and multiple award winner – Modular Building Institute
    • Member – BC Non-Profit Housing Association
    • Member – National Advisory Committee for building cost-effective and sustainable affordable housing in Canada
    • Collaborative involvement with the Rick Hansen Foundation to improve accessibility of our modular projects

NRB is ready to help you take the first step to fast tracking your RHI application now.

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