Industry Applications

A World of Industry Applications Built by NRB Modular

From affordable housing to hospitals; from kiosks to hotels, NRB Modular Solutions has the experience you need on your next modular project regardless of the application.

As the pre-eminent leader in the modular building industry, we have built the full gamut of projects for our clients. Clients who looked to us for a seamless construction project….for a faster occupancy….for higher quality…cost certainty….improved sustainability.

We’re on a mission to show the world there’s a better way to build and we would love to show you around a few of our industry applications below.

Student Housing

Designed with campus needs in mind – whether it’s student comfort and amenities, or campus architecture and connectivity. Modular student housing enables us to minimize disruptive site activity and construction hazards away from students and staff.

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Affordable housing

Affordable and Social Housing

We are honoured to be part of the solution to address homelessness, and we’re proud of the 1,500+ homes we have built to date. Our proven design-build model delivers project certainty on quality, cost and schedule. By achieving occupancy up to 50% faster your community’s homeless population gets a shot at a fresh start that much sooner.

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Retail icon

Commercial and Retail

From one-off corporate office buildings to replicating franchise retail operations to building custom, temporary sales centres, our modular solutions are designed for a wide range of commercial and retail building applications. Improve your ROI and start earning revenue on your operation, or utilizing your office sooner, without compromising on quality, safety and sustainability.

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Modular Kiosks, Shelters & Booths (formerly Canada Kiosk)

Since 1990 (under the Canada Kiosk brand), we have been the leader in the design, manufacturing and delivery of kiosks, shelters and booths serving parking, security and other related applications. We have consolidated our kiosk business under the NRB Modular Solutions brand, and we look forward to hearing more about your next project.

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Emergency response icon

Emergency Response Infrastructure

The Covid-19 pandemic has, and will continue to, put a tremendous strain on the infrastructure needs in our communities. We’re here to help. From quick response portable housing units to healthcare applications and more, we are ready to mobilize to address your needs.

We also have a depth of experience in delivering rapid response infrastructure requirements due to natural disasters including fires, flooding and more.

Discover our suite of short, medium and long-term capabilities.

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Healthcare Infrastructure

Whether responding to an urgent need to replace a medical center or building a highly customized imaging clinic or hospital addition, NRB can build health care facilities to suit any application. Our approach ensures minimal site disruption, and your facility will be ready to serve up to 50% faster than conventional site-built construction.

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From large hotel brands to niche boutiques and hostels, to restaurants, we deliver our hospitality customers the convenience of having a single service provider who can design, fabricate, transport and install your next project up to 50% faster than conventional construction. We have the experience you need on your next hotel or restaurant project.

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Indigenous Housing & Infrastructure

With its ability to meet rapid response needs by reducing schedules by up to 50%, modular construction is an ideal fit for Indigenous Housing projects. You’ll also benefit from higher-quality structures and a lower construction environmental footprint.

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Relocatable Structure Industrial

Industrial & Manufacturing Modular Structures

From temporary and relocatable building applications to in-plant facilities and equipment enclosures, modular construction delivers speed, schedule certainty, safety and quality. Our leadership position in serving industrial clients across Canada is a testament to our consultative approach in providing the best solutions for the best application.

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Multi-Family Residential

Benefit from our experience in large-scale, multi-story, multi-family structures utilizing our proven modular construction technology. Our responsive planning and design process allow you to meet your goals for quality, design, affordability, and time-to-market.

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Seniors housing icon

Seniors Housing

Our experience in senior citizen housing structures centers around meeting the variety of needs of residents while delivering cost certainty and quality to our clients. We’ll work with you to design, build and install comfortable living spaces, a myriad of amenities and pleasing aesthetics all of which contribute to the overall resident experience.

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