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Relocatable Structures

Staying Agile with Relocatable Structures

There will always be a need for temporary or relocatable buildings in a variety of applications ranging from school portables to remote work camps to affordable housing structures that are located on a provisional basis.

The merits of modular construction apply as much for relocatable structures as their permanent counterparts. Speed, cost certainty, flexibility, safety, replicability, sustainability…are all at the ready when you partner with NRB Modular Solutions.

In-Plant Facilities

Productive Work Spaces in Busy Factory Environments

Our customized in-plant spaces provide the peace and quiet your team needs in a bustling factory environment. Designs can facilitate a 360-degree view of your production lines or take the distractions away completely – the choice is yours.

Specific applications to optimize your non production-line space in your factory includes offices, board or meeting rooms, team breakout rooms, clean rooms, equipment storage, washrooms and mezzanines.

2 Storey NCP Office
5ft x 7ft Preassembled NCP
8ft x 8ft Preassembled NCP
10ft x 20ft Preassembled NCP
16ft x 80ft 2 Storey NCP
18ft x 20ft NCP Lab
Boardroom Inside Warehouse
Elevated NCP
NCP Office - Slight Elevation
Soundproof Test Enclosure
8ft x 10ft Preassembled NCP
8ft x 12ft Steel Frame Interior
16ft x 75ft Two Storey NCP

Two Options to Meet Your Needs


A pre-assembled steel-framed structure that comes completely finished inside and out, including floor, walls and ceiling. Design always takes into consideration the width and height constraints of any access points. Once it is in position, you’re operational with one simple power connection.


This is a non-combustible panelized system that is easily assembled to any size or configuration. Smaller applications arrive conveniently pre-assembled, while larger applications arrive disassembled for easy travel through your facility. All panels are pre-wired with outlets, switches and data cable boxes and include windows and doors per your ideal layout.

Check out our feature project.

Equipment Enclosures

Safeguard Your Valuable Assets

NRB Modular Solutions brings its four decades of experience to your equipment and storage building application needs.

When it comes to equipment enclosures, one size does not fit all. We start with a review of your specific equipment housing requirements, then tailor each building to suit size, layout, structural considerations, mechanical, electrical and architectural needs.

Each building is structurally engineered to suit the load requirements of your equipment, whether it is installed on the floor, mounted to walls, or hung from the ceiling.

Interior and exterior finishes can be customized to suite required attenuation, thermal protection, fire rating, life cycle durability and aesthetics.

Take a look at a few of our favourite equipment enclosure projects.

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Our team of dedicated modular professionals is on a mission to demonstrate there is a better way to build, and there is no better time than now to start the conversation.

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