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Formerly Canada Kiosk, our team has the expertise to design, manufacture, deliver and install the modular kiosk, shelter or booth you need, when you need it.

The benefits of modular construction all still apply – quality, speed, cost certainty, sustainability, replicability… just to name a few.

There are numerous sizes and configurations available to suit your specific needs. We offer a complete selection of both exterior and interior finishes and colours. Electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems can all be tailored to suit your needs.


From hospitals to shopping centres; airports to universities; municipal lots to private corporate lots, our modular parking kiosk and shelter solutions come in custom sizes and layouts with equipment and appearance to suit your needs.

Choose from many features and finishes such as custom cladding, colours, stone, raised roofs, heat, A/C, etc. Design considerations include matching aesthetics, function, layout, ergonomics, wheelchair accessibility.

  • Access Control Parking Lot Booths – built for surface or underground lots with controlled environment for attendant
  • Pay Equipment Shelters – simple, attractive weather protection for pay machines and customers
  • On-site Parking Offices – modular workspace for parking staff with controlled environment
  • Valet Parking Kiosks – drive-up booth for convenient service with controlled environment for valet staff and waiting clientele
Parking Kiosk
Surveillance Kiosk
Pay Equipment Shelter
Parking Office
Valet Parking Booth
Parking Kiosk
Yard Security Kiosk
Access Control Booth
Welcome Booth
Raised Commercial Inspection Booth
All in One Security Booth
Bi-Level Border Inspection Booth
Yard Security Kiosk


Modular security booths are available in custom sizes and layouts to suit your needs, with endless options, features and finishes for appearance and function. Custom electrical to integrate with site security systems. Design considerations include custom aesthetics, function, layout and ergonomics.

Applications include: government properties, event access, private corporations, manufacturing facilities, wholesale distribution centres, public and private border facilities, airport air-side security and others.

  • Guarded Access Control Booths, Security Kiosks, Turnstile Enclosures and Scale Houses – secure facility entrance and exit with gate control/scale control
  • Border Crossing Booths – controlled environment for Customs Inspection Officers with single level, bi-level, high level options


Our modular shelter solutions are typically ordered in standard sizes, but can come in custom sizes and configurations to suit your needs as well. Options include flat and dome roof styles (solid and transparent), open walls, fixed benches, LED lighting, and more.

Applications include: colleges, universities, hospitals, public transit stations, event facilities, airports, private corporations and manufacturing facilities.

  • Pay Equipment Shelters – simple, attractive weather protection for pay machines and customers
  • Smoking Shelters – for clients and employees, compliant with municipal/provincial requirements
  • Waiting, Transit and Access Shelters – for clients and staff
Bicycle Shelter
Turnstile Shelter
Smoking Shelter
Payment Shelter
Bicycle Shelter
Attraction Ticket Booth
Gas Station Kiosk
Sports Ticket Booth
Tourist Travel Booth
Car Rental Kiosk
Attraction Ticket Booth


Modular kiosks for customer service and sales purposes are available in custom sizes and layouts to suit your needs, with endless options and features including deal trays, service counters, pay windows, roof-overhangs, weather protection, enhanced lighting and others. Design considerations include custom and matching aesthetics, function, layout and ergonomics.

Applications include event facilities, colleges and universities, gas stations, duty free, car rental companies, airport locations, public transit stations.

  • Ticket and Information Kiosks – for event/transportation ticket sales or tourist information
  • Retail Sales and Service – convenience store-like atmosphere with climate-controlled environment
  • Car Rental – modular kiosks for airports and transportation destinations
  • Gas Island Full Service – controlled environment for full-service gas bar lanes and pay point locations for quick customer service

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