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Delivering Peace of Mind with Compressed Construction Schedules

Designed with campus needs in mind – whether it’s student comfort and amenities, or campus architecture and connectivity. Modular student housing enables us to minimize disruptive site activity and construction hazards away from students and staff.

Affordable and available student housing can have a dramatic effect on the rate of student retention for post-secondary education. NRB provides fast, high quality modular construction solutions that are tailored to overcome the unique challenges in constructing student housing for campuses across Canada. Through our years of experience building in the multi-family, workforce accommodation, and hospitality market sectors, we are positioned to meet rapid deadlines and provide housing solutions for your students within the time frame required.

For post-secondary, student housing projects can require a unique set of construction considerations that meet changing student expectations when it comes to living requirements. With construction and design evolving rapidly, new approaches and technologies are being considered to deliver on mass production and customization. These types of construction projects for student housing involve a collaborative team process, with design-build innovation. Our modular construction and custom design capabilities can accommodate the education system’s ever-evolving campus and classroom needs. From permanent to relocatable, we will develop the solution that best fits your needs.

Our volumetric modular construction approach allows us to build multi-unit student housing buildings that can accommodate for not only dorm rooms but can include atrium and open space environments, shared common living areas, and accessible parking requirements.

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