Affordable & Social Housing, Multi-Family Residential

Oshawa Micro-Homes, Oshawa, ON


Our client had a surplus of land that was not going to be developed within the next 5 10  years. Hence, they wanted a solution to quickly house people currently experiencing homelessness. We developed two pods of 5unit transitional housing suites.

This building was designed to be relocatable. The intent of this build is to relocate these units to another temporary or permanent site. This will allow the building to be repurposed in the future, while making use of the land.  It was decided to use a temporary block and pad foundation due to the temporary nature of the build, but also to conserve on costs. We can repurpose the entire building including the foundation. We have been able to provide all the necessary functions while still creating a comfortable environment in a compact unit.

This project was the winner of the 2023 “First Place – Relocatable Modular Multifamily & Hotel” award from the Modular Building Institute’s Awards of Distinction. 


Use of Building: 

Supportive Housing Units

Building Size:

3,200 Sq.ft

Project Timeline:

7 months

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