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Apotex Office Complex, Toronto, ON


This modular office complex was designed to accommodate current staff needs and to allow for future corporate growth. NRB and the Architect created a functional, attractive space with 30 building modules that were designed for ease of access, and to fit in to the confines of the site location.

The spacious facility has 9-foot ceilings throughout, with private executive offices along an outside wall that have large windows for optimal daylighting and views. The layout has a central core area with service rooms, washrooms, business center and lunchroom, adjacent to and easily accessible by staff.

The exterior finish is a durable stucco system applied at the plant, and then completed at the site for an architecturally seamless finish, providing an aesthetic blend with the surrounding buildings. Though wood framing was permitted by code, the owner chose non-combustible steel construction for the structure and classification of this building. Steel provides a minimum 25% recycled content, while extending the overall life cycle and durability of the structural elements.


Building Size:

16,096 sq. ft.

Project Timeline:

4 months

Building exterior with parked cars

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