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Canada Place Pavilion, Toronto, ON


Consisting of 3 modules with clear spanning beams, this public hall area for computer research terminals was built as a people-friendly building to encourage interaction with the artist venues on the grounds of the site, and to draw the public into the Pavilion.

The exterior wall is finished with metallic steel siding which provides a modern high-tech appeal, while the stone veneer finish grounds the building to the natural site surroundings. A friendly feeling of transparency was created as two of the exterior walls are finished with full height seamless glazing. This accomplished the goals of the client as the building’s occupants can interact with the outside artist venues while the attractive design of the building draws the public inside.

The floor system features steel and pre-poured concrete construction, completed at the NRB plant, along with most of the project. Using this method of construction provided a permanent modular building, while also allowing for the building to be moved in the future if the need were to arise.


Building Size:

1,848 sq. ft.

Project Timeline:

4 months

Exterior of Canada Place Pavilion

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