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Suncor Energy, Vaughan, ON


Cold temperatures and snow mean two things in the world of construction: wait for spring or pay more to build. In the world of retail, however, time is money so waiting isn’t an option. By constructing its restaurant and convenience store combination indoors, Suncor saved on both the time and money fronts—there were no additional winter construction costs and the cash registers were ringing earlier than expected.

NRB completed 90 per cent of the building off site, preinstalling ceramic floors, freezers, coolers, range hoods, point-of-sale areas, a vertical ledgestone wall and custom millwork. The foundation was poured in the spring—again saving money—to be ready just in time for delivery of the modules.

This bright and beautifully branded restaurant and convenience store was a winner for three big reasons: its attractive design, the energy efficient engineering and the accelerated construction schedule, which meant customers were pumping gas and buying burgers sooner than planned.


Building Size:

3,099 sq. ft.

Project Timeline:

34 weeks

Convenience store interior with coffee bar
A&W service counter

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