Why Modular Construction?

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Modular Construction. Improving the way the World Builds.

We face a time where improved building performance is expected. Where building codes, environmental performance standards and technical efficiencies are pushing conventional construction past the breaking point. And with a shrinking labour force, schedule and cost overruns and pervasive quality issues one thing is clear: Change is needed in the construction industry.

The change is coming from modular building solutions.

What if the construction industry could expect certainty? A truly collaborative building experience? What if speed, cost-effectiveness, quality and environmental sustainability could co-exist?

It’s all possible with NRB Modular Solutions.

What is Modular Construction?

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Powered by manufacturing technology excellence, modular construction is a building technique where each module is fabricated in a temperature-controlled factory. Once the modules are ready, they are transported to site, set on the foundation footprint by crane, and joined together like building blocks to make one integrated building.

The technique uses the same materials as conventional construction and designs to the same codes and standards, while saving up to 50% of the time. When finished, the structure is indistinguishable from conventional construction methods.

Technology and lean construction methods ensure each module is built to precise standards delivering an overall superior building.

Compared to other industries, conventional construction is lagging in its ability to solve its historic challenges (waste management, cost overruns, schedule delays, etc.) with new technology.

Modular brings your project team financial assurance. It’s faster, it’s less wasteful, and the quality is superior because the modules are built in a factory-controlled environment.

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Benefits of Modular

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Faster Project Schedule

Reap the benefits of your new building sooner with your overall project schedule reduced by up to 50%.

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Cost Certainty

Say goodbye to cost overruns and expensive change order surprises.

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Environmental Sustainability

Reduce your environmental footprint by deploying our modular building manufacturing processes.

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Superior Quality

Get a superior, stronger building with our stringent manufacturing quality control measures.

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Avoid the safety risks of conventional construction by building in our factory-controlled environment.

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Modular provides the ability to replicate your design regardless of your location, helping you with your project cost and timetable.

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Modular buildings provide inherently higher STC ratings due to our construction methods and quality.

Myths about Modular Construction

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What to Consider

Modular construction is a different process than conventional stick-built construction. Upfront planning is key to ensuring that you reap all the benefits of modular. It is important that your stakeholders, including owners, architects, designers, construction managers and contractors all understand the modular approach. We invite you to peruse this handy reference guide for more information.

Growth in 5 Years

The modular building industry has doubled in size in the last five years


Modular construction builds are up to 50% faster than conventional construction methods

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Modular building methods can deliver on an endless array of design options