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From concept to completion, our end-to-end approach to modular building solutions ensures a predictable outcome.

What is
Modular Construction?

Modular construction, quite simply stated, is a better way to build. Leveraging best practices from the manufacturing industry, modular construction is redefining how buildings are built, bringing progress to an industry that has not seen significant technological advances since the introduction of drywall more than 100 years ago.

The modules are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment while the site is being prepared for installation allowing projects to be completed up to 50% faster than conventional site-built construction.

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Benefits of Modular

Faster Project Schedule

Reap the benefits of your new building sooner with your overall project schedule reduced by up to 50%.

Cost Certainty

Say goodbye to cost overruns and expensive change order surprises.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce your environmental footprint by deploying our modular building manufacturing processes.

Superior Quality

Get a superior, stronger building with our stringent manufacturing quality control measures.


Avoid the safety risks of conventional construction by building in our factory-controlled environment.


Modular provides the ability to replicate your design regardless of your location, helping you with your project cost and timetable.


Modular buildings provide inherently higher STC ratings due to our construction methods and quality.

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